Safe Ride - Shuttle To Savannah

Safe Ride - Shuttle To Savannah

Leisure Travel - 160 Haley Rd. Bldg. 6020 (Post Exchange Mall) Google Map

Begins March 2 and every two weeks thereafter. 

Service members can enjoy a worry-free night out in Savannah on payday weekends! Tickets can be purchased at Leisure Travel or from the driver (exact change req.). 

- $10 per person, round trip (Active Duty Soldiers only)
- $75 Cleaning fee will be charged to anyone for applicable circumstances

Safe Ride Schedule
Van sign out/pick up, Bldg 443                                  2000 -2005 hrs
FS pick up stop A (Bldg 215)                                    2015 - 2020 hrs
FS pick up stop B (Bldg 3011)                                   2030 - 2035 hrs
FS pick up stop C (Bldg 719)                                    2045 - 2050 hrs
FS pick up stop D (Bldg 613)                                    2055 - 2100 hrs
FS pick up stop E (Bldg 8482)                                   2110 - 2015 hrs

City Market drop off (Vinnie Van Go Go’s)                       2200 - 2205 hrs
River Street drop off (Fine Home Furnishings and Antiques)      2230 - 2035 hrs

River Street pick up (Fine Home Furnishings and Antiques)       0230 - 0235 hrs
City Market pick up (Vinnie Van Go Go’s)                        0250 - 0255 hrs

FS drop off stop E (Bldg 8482)                                  0330 - 0335 hrs
FS drop off stop D (Bldg 719)                                   0345 - 0350 hrs
FS drop off stop C (Bldg 613)                                   0400 - 0405 hrs
FS drop off stop B (Bldg 3011)                                  0415 - 0420 hrs
FS drop off stop A (Bldg 215)                                   0430 - 0435 hrs

Please Note:
- Active Duty Service Members only. No spouses or dependents. ID check will be effect.
- Should there not be any pickups on Fort Stewart between 2000-2110hrs, then Safe Ride will not proceed with service that evening after 2115hrs.
- Upon a scheduled pick up in Savannah (0230-0255hrs), should a Service Member, whom did not take Safe Ride to Savannah, require a ride to Fort Stewart they are welcome to do so. However, returning to their vehicle the following day is their responsibility. The $10 fee stands for one-way riders. Cash only / exact change required.


$10 Roundtrip