Safe Ride - Shuttle To Savannah

Safe Ride - Shuttle To Savannah

Leisure Travel - 112 Vilseck Rd. Bldg. 419 Google Map

Ft. Stewart/Savannah only! Begins March 2 and every two weeks thereafter. 

Service members can enjoy a worry-free night out in Savannah on payday weekends! Tickets can be purchased at Leisure Travel or from the driver (exact change req.). 

- $10 per person, round trip (Active Duty Soldiers only)
- $75 Cleaning fee will be charged to anyone for applicable circumstances


Special Savannah drop-off/pick-up location for St. Patricks Day weekend ONLY! Intersection of Indian Street and West Bay Street behind the BP gas station. Drop off time will be around 2200 and pick up at 0230.


Other shuttle options St. Patricks Day weekend:

Richmond Hill to/from Savannah - Fun Travel 

(Pick-up at vacant lot next to S&P Automotive)

(912) 433-7966 or (912) 631-8691 (ask for Noris)

Pooler to/from Savannah - Pooler Chamber of Commerce

(Pick-up at Molly MacPherson’s) 

(912) 748-0110


Safe Ride Schedule
Van sign out/pick up, Bldg 443                                  2000 -2005 hrs
FS pick up stop A (Bldg 215)                                    2015 - 2020 hrs
FS pick up stop B (Bldg 3011)                                   2030 - 2035 hrs
FS pick up stop C (Bldg 719)                                    2045 - 2050 hrs
FS pick up stop D (Bldg 613)                                    2055 - 2100 hrs
FS pick up stop E (Bldg 8482)                                   2110 - 2015 hrs

City Market drop off (Vinnie Van Go Go’s)                       2200 - 2205 hrs

City Market pick up (Vinnie Van Go Go’s)                        0245 - 0255 hrs

FS drop off stop E (Bldg 8482)                                  0330 - 0335 hrs
FS drop off stop D (Bldg 719)                                   0345 - 0350 hrs
FS drop off stop C (Bldg 613)                                   0400 - 0405 hrs
FS drop off stop B (Bldg 3011)                                  0415 - 0420 hrs
FS drop off stop A (Bldg 215)                                   0430 - 0435 hrs

Please Note:
- Active Duty Service Members only. No spouses or dependents. ID check will be effect.
- Should there not be any pickups on Fort Stewart between 2000-2110hrs, then Safe Ride will not proceed with service that evening after 2115hrs.
- Upon a scheduled pick up in Savannah (0230-0255hrs), should a Service Member, whom did not take Safe Ride to Savannah, require a ride to Fort Stewart they are welcome to do so. However, returning to their vehicle the following day is their responsibility. The $10 fee stands for one-way riders. Cash only / exact change required.


$10 Roundtrip